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8 Suggestions for Faceless Video Content

Expert social media publication – Social Media Today – collated statistics on the importance of video marketing in e-commerce, highlighting that social media posts with video have 48% more views, and social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined.

If you are serious about showing up on social media and turning those posts into pounds…video is not a choice – it’s a must!

I know lots of you DO NOT like appearing in videos, I don’t love it, I’m not sure anyone especially likes it. If you don’t show up for your business – be in no doubt that your competitors will be showing up for theirs.

If face to camera is a step too far, here’s a few ideas if you literally can’t bring yourself to show your face on video (yet).

  1. A screen recording of a tutorial on your phone or computer.

  2. Repurpose a blog, podcast or webinar as a video.

  3. Create a top down video of your hand making something or doing something.

  4. Create a short presentation with a voice over on something like Canva or Powerpoint. Again, a tutorial works well here.

  5. Share a video of an experience when you are out and about and doing something relevant to your business. Make sure you do a voice over.

  6. A slide show of your products.

  7. A time lapse – works especially well for makers.

  8. Invite someone to guest Vlog for you – this is a bit of an avoidance strategy but works well when incorporated with other video ideas.

So there really is no excuse to have zero video content. I finish by adding that showing your face is the best way to engage with your audience – but start here and work up to that.

I hope you’ve found this useful and let me know how you get on and send me your posts when you implement them – I’d love to see what you come up with.


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