Digital Marketing

Here at Sunshine we can help you with all aspects of your digital marketing; we have over a decade of experience. The difference between digital marketing and social media is that social media is just one of the available channels of digital marketing. There are many components that make up a digital marketing campaign: social media, email marketing, blogs, vlogs, newsletters, website content, PPC ads and podcasts are all examples of these. Having worked on end to end campaigns Sunshine Digital Media is more than just another social media agency, we offer the full arsenal of digital marketing services. Although social media is at the heart of what we do, it can take more than a good social media presence to maximise your growth and make you shine online – and we can do it all.

Social Media

Social Media is at the heart of what we do here at Sunshine – Clare is an award winning ‘Social Media Goddess.’ The great thing about social media is that it is one of the only areas of marketing where you don’t have to outspend your competitors in order to outsell them. A slick, active and on brand social media presence across the platforms that are relevant to your business isn’t a choice, it’s a basic essential if you want your business to shine.

Yes it takes time and dedication. That’s where Sunshine comes in – with the full spectrum of support available for any budget. We offer one to one coaching sessions to develop a template content plan for your business, open workshops, audits, a social media kickstart, in-house training for your team, as well as a full management marketing service, where we do all the hard work for you. Having support with your social media gives you more time and focus to work on your business.

Content Management

Do you want to?

  • Update your website copy
  • Blog
  • Write articles
  • Publish regular newsletters
  • Send out email marketing

Struggling to find the time and focus – or you just don’t like writing copy? Look no further! We can create on-brand, SEO optimised content on an ongoing basis, whether that’s monthly, weekly or on an ad hoc basis. Our digital copywriting experience is vast across many different niches and sectors.

See some recent examples of content with more available on request.

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About Sunshine Digital

Sunshine Digital Media was founded in 2017 by Clare Clifford. Clare has worked in various forms of marketing since 2003, and she was there right at the start of social media after convincing her boss at the time they should try it as it was going to be a ‘big thing’. She was right (she usually is)!

Fast-forward 17 years later and its importance couldn’t be bigger! Digital marketing is the biggest and best form of marketing available to any business. Imagine putting an advert on TV and being able to see exactly how many people watch it and what was the demographic of those people – digital marketing gives us that. You get the ability to target your ideal customer, while tracking and analysing the results of your efforts. Clare is one of the best and most experienced in the business and if you want to turn those posts into pounds and shine online – look no further.

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