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July Content Prompts

How is it July already? I’m still waiting for my April plans to be rearranged! We are allowed more freedom from the 4th July now as COVID-19 eases its grip on the domination of our lives. Hopefully later this month we will see beauty and leisure start to reopen. I’ll keep my (desperately in need of a manicure) fingers crossed. Please, please, please continue to support local, small business needs you more than ever.

Here’s some content prompts for July to help your keep creating quality content for your business.

It’s National Picnic Month 2020 – who doesn’t love a picnic, they are even more popular than ever right now as we socialise outside more. Hopefully, we’ll have the weather to go with it.

Businesses, especially retailers and caters, have an opportunity to share how they are moving towards being plastic free. 1st July 2020 is the start of a month-long campaign for Plastic Free July in the UK.

Care businesses will be able to celebrate the great work they do during Good Care Month starting 1st July 2020. It is a chance to engage with the public and show off social care as a great career choice – heroes!

During July The Samaritans run their annual ‘Talk To Us’ campaign. The aim of this campaign is to help create a world where fewer people die by suicide. Many people are struggling with their mental health right now – please back this campaign, there’s lots of free resources available.

Caterers and retailers, restaurants and coffee shops will be able to share their chocolate wares on World Chocolate Day (7th July 2020). If you need a taster, I’ll be a willing volunteer.

All You Need Is Love and a good reason to share a Beatles lyric or fact on 10th July 2020, Beatles Day in Liverpool and Hamburg. What is your favourite Beatles song? Mine is – Here Comes The Sun.

12th July 2020 is both National Simplicity Day and the start of Love Parks Week in the UK. Perhaps a picnic in the park to incorporate an awareness day, week, and month – triple win.

While it may seem a little silly image, correct use of emojis can go a long way for businesses. 17th July 2020 is World Emoji Day, a perfect time to show off the smiley face. One of my most popular posts ever was about this day.

Other notable dates:

Talk To Us Samaritans begins 1st July 2020
International Kissing Day is 6th July 2020
Bastille Day is 14th July 2020
World Day for International Justice 17th July 2020
National Bereaved Parents Day 3rd July 2020
Nelson Mandela International Day is 18th July 2020
World Friendship Day 30th July 2020s

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