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5 Don’ts Of Social Media

Recently I was asked to share my 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Social Media with The Northern Affinity Partners. I’ve shared lots of tips, tricks etc over the years, so here’s my up to date list of Don’ts for Summer 2022.

Just a note to say this blog is aimed at SMEs but is relevant whatever the size of your organisation.

Although social media isn’t the only part of a good content marketing strategy it should be the backbone. It’s the only area of marketing where you can really outsell your competition or big corporations without outspending them.

The minimum that any business needs is a presence on one social platform and a website. Even if that website is only two or three pages long. Using the right platform and the right types of content is essential to shining online.

The trends are ever changing so here’s my top 5 Don’ts in Summer  2022.  

  • Don’t be an idiot – it will come back to haunt you

Hiding behind a keyboard allows people to behave in a certain way and say things that they probably wouldn’t say to someone face to face. If you’re not sure what you are saying doesn’t sound passive aggressive or could be misconstrued. Probably don’t post it.

Social media can damage reputations. Remember it’s not just a post, you have published content! When you write something on the Internet it’s out there!

You can go back and delete it…but if someone’s grabbed a screenshot of it, it’s too late. You might have seen examples of celebrities and public figures who have had posts published in the past. They have come to bite them on the bum afterwards so just don’t be a d**k  a good moto for social media and life because it will come back to haunt you.

  • Don’t worry what others think too much

Don’t worry about what your, Mum, Dad,  Beryl* who sat next to you in GCSE Geography might think of you and what you are saying on your socials and what you are saying to your audience. They are not your paying clients, do not worry about what they think.

I know a lot of people get a bit stressed and anxious and don’t want to come across as a show off. Remember the difference between showing up and showing off. If you can’t confidently show up as the expert, how will your audience trust your knowledge and part with their hard earned cash?

*all names have been changed in this story

  • Don’t be a perfectionist

Perfectionism kills consistency. Sometimes you’ve just got to post it rather than spending an hour tweaking that perfect paragraph.

As much as I’ve said to be careful with what you post, there is an edit button and is all that time procrastinating over one single post a good use of your time? If every post takes that long to create your consistency will suffer. If the basis of your content is sound and quality you can always give it a bit of a tweak afterwards.

Tip – use a dictation tool, if it’s not sounding quite written down, right then say it out loud and tweak from there. I often spend my days alone talking to a Word document.

  • Don’t post and pray

Ask yourself these things:

  1. Is this valuable?
  2. Is it interesting/engaging?
  3. Are your audience going to be hanging out online when you post?

If your piece of content doesn’t pass those three tests you might want to think again.

  • Don’t worry about how many followers you have!

Are you 19? Are you trying to be an Influencer? Then it really doesn’t matter! This is a vanity metric that isn’t important

Especially now Instagram gives anyone the ability to put a clickable link into their stories, not just those with over 10k followers. It’s better to have 100 engaged followers than 100,000 unengaged ones that aren’t your audience and are fake, spam bots, overseas (when you don’t work overseas) and your own competitors.

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