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The Lifespan of Social Media Content

Compared to blog posts, news articles and any other content on your website, most of the content you post on social media platforms have a very short lifespan.

But remember, a short shelf life doesn’t necessarily equal a lower value. Here’s a quick guide to the big four, if you’d like more specifics as always – send me an email or contact me on social media.

Instagram content tends to last much longer than Facebook content. The average Instagram content lifespan is 48 hours, in this time most posts receive 75 percent of their total comments.

But engagement tends to taper off after the 6 hour mark, by which point most posts receive half of their total comments.

Remember – post when your audience is looking. It really does make all the difference – check those Insights.

The lifespan of a LinkedIn post is similar to that of an Instagram in that (as a general rule) a LinkedIn post also has an average lifespan of 24 hours. But, don’t be surprised if you see comments starting to appear days and even a week later.

Remember to use a mixture of different types of content, to whet the appetite of your entire potential audience. Post when your audience is looking. It really does make all the difference.

Are you even using LinkedIn? Whether the answer is yes or now, I highly recommend that you check out my chat with THE LinkedIn Lady aka Judy Parsons.

Do you use Facebook or Meta or whatever us oldies are calling it these days? I’m continuing this series of posts with the lifespan of Facebook content.

Some experts say a post dies within 3 hours, while others say 5 hours… 75% of the engagement you get on your posts happens within the first 5 hours. After that, engagement pretty much dies off. This tends to make me lean towards the 5 hour mark.

Twitter is a funny thing as a post only has an average life span of 18 minutes! That means tweeting 6-8 times a day makes sense in order to reach as much of your audience as possible!

The things that perform well on your socials should shape your web content and vice versa. Social content is so fast paced that it can be a really good way to try out new and different forms of content to help shape what should be the jewel in your content crown – your website. 👑

If this has got you thinking about how you approach your social media and would like a little help to get it shining online, get in contact and let’s have a discussion. You can book a free call with me here.