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November Content Prompts

Gunpowder, Remembrance, and social media kindness, November has lots of awareness days. Bonfire Night aka Guy Fawkes Night will be 5th November 2021, International Social Media Kindness Day will be 9th November 2021, and St Andrew’s Day will be 30th November 2021.

Armistice Day will be 11th November 2021 and Remembrance Sunday is held on Sunday 14th November 2021.

Foodies, Greengrocers and caterers it’s all about the veg. November sees the arrival of Cancer Research UK’s Veg Pledge (1st November to 29th November 2021). Fancy going vegetarian for a month? A hearty pumpkin soup after a warm bonfire can be such a treat. Maybe you want to go one step further and share your vegan delights on World Vegan Day (1st November 2021).

I believe that everyone has a book in them, and if you fancy stretching a creative muscle, November is National Novel Writing Month (1st November to 29th November 2021). One day you will get to read mine.

4th November to 9th November 2021 is National Spa Week 2021, and you do not need me to tell you about the physical, mental and emotional benefits a regular spa visit brings. I’m a firm believer in self-care and to me a spa visit is the perfect form

Brewers are stout people. And what better day to celebrate this stoutness than on International Stout Day held on 7th November 2021. Amity Brew Co. do a delicious stout in collaboration with The Marshmallowist, another of my local favs.

Talk Money Week is the 8th-12th November 2021 and encourages people to have an open conversation about finances. People find it hard to talk about money, but by having conversations you can improve your mental and financial wellbeing.

Sometimes awareness events become international. Black Friday (26th November 2021) started out as an American sales day, and while it is good that people are able to get something for a better price, though this year, after the two years our high streets and local businesses have had, it might be good to encourage your clients and followers to support their local retailers and #ShopLocal.

It might be treated as a mythical date by certain right-wing news providers though International Men’s Day will be 19h November 2021.

To end the blog on a positive note. Social Media Kindness Day on the 9th November was set up in honour of Caroline Flack, and there is the nationwide Anti-Bullying Alliance campaign Anti Bully Week from 15th November 2021: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Other awareness days:

  • Mouth Cancer Action Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, COPD Awareness Month, and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness all start on 1st November 2021
  • Movember 2021 brings moustaches from 1st November 2021
  • International Stress Awareness Week runs 2nd November to 5th November 2021
  • Diwali (Hindu) will be 4th November 2021
  • World – Let’s Stop Shouting Day is 6th November 2021
  • Sugar Awareness Week begins 8th November 2021
  • Alcohol Awareness Month runs from 11th November 2021
  • Blue Wednesday will be 13th November 2021
  • World Nursery Rhyme Week starts 16th November 2021
  • World Toilet Day is 19th November 2021
  • BBC Children In Need will be 19th November 2021
  • Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Sikh) is 19th November 2021
  • Universal Children’s Day is held on 20th November 2021
  • World Television Day will be 21st November 2021 (if we can find the remote)
  • Carers Rights Day will be 25th November 2021
  • White Ribbon Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women is 25th November 2021
  • First Day of Advent (Christian) will be 28th November 2021