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July Content Prompts

Ruby, ruby, ruby. July starts the second half of the year with a bang, and its birthstone (my birthstone and favourite gem if anyone is feeling flush) is the ruby symbolizing contentment. Do you have contentment with your content, or still in need of prompts and a chat about how to shine online? I ran a free clinic at Cup19 on the 7th July buy a cuppa and prepare to shine online.

If you just need a hug it’s International Free Hugs Day 01/07/2023. If you are a fan of Wallace & Gromit it’s also The Wrong Trousers Day.

If sport is your thing then 01/07/2023 to 23/07/2023 is the Tour de France and 03/07/2023 to 10/07/2023 is WimbledomWill it rain? Will Cliff sing? Will the Middleton sisters look immaculately groomed and enthralled. Will my friend Dawn’s tennis mad Mum throw anything at the TV in frustration?! Who knows?! 

 World Chocolate Day melts its way to 07/07/2023 and it’s one of my favourite days of the year on the 25/07/2023Wine and Cheese day 🍷🧀. It’s also National Picnic Month and on a more serious note 03/07/2023 to 09/07/2023 is Alcohol Awareness Week. If you need any further information or support with your relationship with alcohol then please do reach out for help. The whole of July is given over to the Samaritans Talk To Us awareness campaign to remind people that they are for anyone who needs their help. 24/07/2023 is also Samaritans Awareness Day.

12/07/2023 is World Simplicity Day, in a world that never stops, perhaps we all need to keep it more simple. I can certainly help you simplify your content. 

World Emoji Day is the 17/07/2023 – what is your favourite and least favourite emoji? Can you guess my favourite – 🌻

Other awareness days:

    • International Tartan Day (Scottish diaspora) is 01/07/2023
    • World UFO Day is 02/07/2023
    • National Bereaved Parents Day is 03/07/2023
    • Buck Moon will be on 03/07/2023
    • Dharma Day (Buddhistis observed on 03/07/2023
    • World Kiss Day smooches on 06/07/2023
    • Don’t Step On A Bee Day is 10/07/2023
    • Martydrdom of the Bab (Baháʼí) will be 10/07/2023
    • World Population Day (UN) will be 11/07/2023
    • World Youth Skills Day, St Swithins Day and Social Media Giving Day are all on 15/07/2023
    • Festival of Archaeology runs 15/0/72023 to 30/07/2023
    • International Justice Day is 17/07/2023
    • Black Leaders Awareness Day is 18/07/2023
    • South Asian Heritage Month begins 18/07/2023
    • Al-Jira (Islamic New Year) is 19/07/2023
    • International Chess Day mates us all on 20/07/2023
    • Self Care Day will be 24/07/2023
    • National Tequila Day is 24/07/2023
    • World Hepatitis Day is 28/07/2023
    • National Schizophrenia Awareness Day is 25/07/2023
    • World Hepatitis Day is 28/07/2023
    • System Administrator Appreciation Day will be 28/07/2023
    • Ashura (Islamic) is 28/07/2023
    • International Tiger Day is 29/07/2023
    • International Day of Friendship will be 30/07/2023