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July Content Prompts

Some awareness days and observances are immovable while others flit around the calendar as they want (looking at you, National Donut Week). Some are formal and based on national or international proclamations, some are informal.

Yet they can all be used as content prompts depending on your want or need. Also, while this is a general guide, there are many local events that only impact customers for local businesses. For example, across Leeds through summer each area of the city hosts their own gala, festival or fair, such as Horsforth Walk of Art the weekend of 02/07/2022.

On with the immovable days. 04/07/2022 is Independence Day for the USA while 14/07/2022 will be Bastille Day in France. Depending on your business you may want to mark these occasions. Less formal awareness days in July include World UFO Day 02/07/2022 and International Kissing Day 06/07/2022.

Inclusion is the basis for most awareness days, and 14/07/2022 raises awareness of non-binary people with International Non-Binary People Day. There are many businesses and organisations that are run by or for non-binary people, so this day will be an excellent day for some evergreen content.

July is a significant month for the Samaritans, with the whole period given over to their Talk To Us awareness campaign, to remind people that they are for anyone who needs their help. 24/07/2022 is also Samaritans Awareness Day. Access to public parks can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, and Keep Britain Tidy have Love Parks Week running from 29/07/2022 to let us all show some love for our local park.

Caterers, dessert businesses especially, and hospitality businesses, show some smooth delicious love for chocolate on 07/07/2022 for World Chocolate Day. Have a favourite chocolate? Share it tastefully and let it melt on the tongues of followers.

Butchers and caterers also have a chance to show off their talents during the RSCPA’s Barbecue Week from 02/07/2022. Make sure it is well cooked, and it doesn’t have to be meat.

The final two awareness days worth mentioning. Most international awareness are set by the UN, and sometimes they feel like every day should be *that* day. 30/07/2022 is International Day Of Friendship and everyone has something they can post about the people who support them getting through.

The other day isn’t international, it isn’t even in the UK. Finland will informally observe National Sleepy Head Day. We all have days like that, either through being unwell or getting passed a considerable challenge. 

One notable date where I plan to be full to the brim with cake and prosecco – 27th July, my 40th birthday.

Other awareness days

  • Eid al-Adha 1st Day (Islamic) is observed 09/30/2022
  • World Population Day is 11/07/2022
  • Dharma Day (Buddhist) will be 13/07/2022
  • Nelson Mandela Day is observed on 18/07/2022
  • International Chess Day will be 20/07/2022
  • World Hepatitis Day observed on 28/07/2022
  • International Tiger Day is 29/07/2022
  • Al-Hijra Islamic New Year is 30/07/2022