March Content Prompts

Need a bit of help figuring out what content to post on your socials? Want to plan some of your content around set days of the month to help share awareness of your business and further tell your entrepreneur story? Well, below are content prompts for March 2022 to help you plan.

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March is the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. March comes from the first month of the earliest Roman calendar, named after the Roman god of war Mars. Until 1752 Great Britain used March as the start of the Julian calendar, when it switched to the Gregorian calendar.

The birth flower of March is the daffodil, the national symbol of Wales (my second favourite flower), and Saint David’s Day will be 1st March 2022. Saint Patrick’s Day will be 17th March 2022. We’re in the middle of the Six Nations tournament so there will be a lot of national celebration/commiseration, though these days are also an excellent opportunity to share what is great and fantastic about Wales and Ireland and the businesses/your suppliers and connections that are based there. If you don’t like rugby, you might like nice thighs…

Booksellers, though reading is for everyone, World Book Day will be 3rd March 2022 in the UK and Ireland. Reading anything good at the moment? Share it, show off your recommendations. Maybe self-help books are your interest, or you have a bad habit you want to correct. Talking of which, No Smoking Day is 9th March 2022.  Booksellers will also have an opportunity to share their favourite poems on World Poetry Day on 21st March 2022. Poetry can be a very useful skill to develop, it will help you craft better social media content, it focuses your attention on what you are trying to say in the most concise way, and will make you smile. Want a recommendation for a guide to writing poetry? Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled is a good read.

International Women’s Day is 8th March 2022 a day we celebrate the contribution of women to society and to businesses, something I do every single day! It’s Mothering Sunday in the UK on the 27th March 2022, British Summer Time also begins 27th March 2022 – which means that for Mother’s Day I get to start the day with an hour less sleep than usual – yippee! 

Sleep is important, sleep needs to be celebrated and anyone that knows me knows that I love my sleep and don’t get enough of it (see above) – 18th March 2022 is World Sleep Day. The United Nations International Day of Happiness will be 20th March 2022.

Other awareness

  • Endometriosis Awareness Month starts 1st March 2022
  • Women’s History Month also begins on 1st March 2022
  • Self-Injury Awareness Day is held on 1st March 2022
  • World Hearing Day will be 2nd March 2022
  • Ash Wednesday (Christianity) is held on 2nd March 2022
  • First Day of Lent (Christianity) follows on  2nd March 2022
  • Aztec New Year will be observed on 12th March 2022
  • International Day Against Police Brutality is 15th March 2022
  • Purim (Jewish) is 17th March 2022
  • Holi (Hindu) will be observed 18th March 2022
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is 21st March 2022
  • World Water Day will be held on 22nd March 2022
  • World Tuberculosis Day is observed on 24th March 2022
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility will be 31st March 2022