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A Northern Lass’s Podcast Success

I only discovered podcasts around 3 years ago. I follow a fitness influencer called Jillian Michaels and she talked a lot in her socials about her podcast, so I thought I’d give it a try. I listened to an episode and I was hooked – a bit like the radio but I could pick what I wanted to listen to at a time that suited me – great!

From there on in, I started listening to other podcasts and asking other avid listeners for recommendations – my playlist is eclectic to say the least from fitness to global economics!

I’m not sure why but at that time I was listening to quite serious stuff and thinking ‘I wish they’d lighten up a bit’ and have a laugh with some of these topics. I’d also guested on Andrew Miller’s Tingle Zone Podcast and really enjoyed it once I’d got over my initial nervousness.

I then had an idea that I could host a career/entrepreneur inspiring podcast, I’ve always been a wannabee radio presenter, so I started looking into what it entailed. Andrew (Miller) helped me understand the platform side of things and a chance meeting with Alex (Mullen) from Absolute Media gave me what I needed to get started.

Whilst I wanted the podcast to be light-hearted and have a fun element, I realised I would need a co-host who had a sense of humour and would like to take the plunge too. I’d met Jayne (Adamson) in March 2019 at a networking event – we both had a start-up business and had hit it off immediately, so she was the first person I thought of. I put together a PowerPoint presentation and I pitched to her over a coffee in a local café. I had a name, a theme and a list of potential guests. My original name of Two Yorkshire Lasses became Two Northern Lasses when I discovered that Jayne was in fact from Lancashire! She was in!!!

We procrastinated for a short while about what we wanted from the first few podcasts but then just went for it and booked a 2-hour slot in Alex’s studio. His studio is in Huddersfield – great value for money, and he took care of all the recording and editing etc, he’s worked his whole career in radio so was a massive help and also was our first guest interview.

We spent a couple of hours listening to music for our intro and outro, you don’t actually need this, but we thought it would give the podcast a more professional feel given we were complete amateurs. In the end we didn’t go with any of the ‘stock’ sounds, Jayne’s cousin was in a band, so we used a piece from one of their songs.

Jayne’s in marketing so way more creative than I – she had an idea for a logo and a friend of hers designed it for us. We both loved the illustration of the two of us – we’ve had a Christmas version and a blue masked version to support the NHS too!

We’d selected as our platform – it’s free, easy to use, handles all the distribution to the podcast apps and the analytics are great – what’s not to love?

Putting the first 3 episodes out was nerve-racking, we’d only shared the recordings with a couple of friends and family. It was the end of November 2019 and we just went for it and launched. Observing the listener numbers go up was exciting in one way but like watching paint dry in another – and then waiting with bated breath for feedback. We were bowled over by such positive feedback – from strangers even!

We have had some absolutely amazing guests from all walks of life and demographics – chatting career, business, life and a whole lot of nonsense too (mainly me and Jayne). Whilst most of our guests are nervous, they all really love the experience and the opportunity to share their story.

Since the launch we have been really active with the Two Northern Lasses social media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, getting lots of engagement particularly when we release a new episode. We typically use our guest photos, reviews from listeners and the app ‘socialsendr’  for podcast relevant content inspiration and scheduling.

A year on in December 2020 we have over 30 episodes in the bag, 1000s of listeners from 37 countries and some truly heart-warming reviews – we decided to take a break to recharge our batteries, rethink the format and explore whether we could take this to the next level which would be sponsorship – we hope to be back some time this summer.

Michelle Cowan Bio

Michelle’s sales career spans nearly 30 years in the corporate tech industry  with Apple and Cisco. Following the death of a childhood friend, she walked away from her corporate career at 48 years old thinking she would take the  slow route to retirement. An idea for an app led to her setting up Justo  Software – the home of socialsendr – other doors began to open, and the  generation restart began!

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