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November Content Prompts

November, Remembrance Sunday, bonfires, US Election Day (3rd November 2020), the anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who, Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, it’s going to be a great month. Sure, there are the restrictions and the cloud of Covid-19 hanging over us, though there are also the Autumnal changes in the park, comforting meals after weekend walks, and St Andrew’s Day (patron saint of Scotland, 30th November 2020).

In terms of awareness days, I really need to raise your awareness of a significant awareness day that is sometimes forgotten about by commentators from right-wing media outlets. 19th November 2020 is International Men’s Day 2020 – did you know that suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45, I’m all for empowering women but check in on those men folk too.

Caterers have a month-long opportunity to share recipes and inspirations during Cancer Research UK’s Veg Pledge 2020. Supporters are being urged to raise money by going vegetarian during November.

Small businesses within specific industries have a number of awareness days they can use to promote themselves. Pathologists have an opportunity to highlight their contribution they make to healthcare during National Pathology Week 2020 (4th November 2020 to 9th November 2020). Engineering businesses can share their love for their profession on 4th November 2020. Driving Instructors, you can share tips and advice during Road Safety Week (16th November 2020 to 22nd November 2020). Plumbers, world toilet day will be 19th November 2020, don’t let this opportunity go down the pan.

Spas will be able to show off the variety of their treatments during National Spa Week (4th November 2020 to 10th November 2020). Businesses are being urged to raise public awareness of the real physical, mental, and emotional benefits regular spa attendance can offer. A fantastic treat for me is a trip to Harrogate Spa – if you haven’t been – go!

‘There was once a small business in Nantucket,
Who posted social media from a leaky bucket,
They tried to post relevant, they tried to post regularly,
Though they were inconsistent as they didn’t follow my content prompts.’

World Nursey Rhyme Week in the UK will be 16th November 2020 to 20th November 2020. Also, 18th November 2020 is Brake Zebra’s Beep Beep Day 2020, teaching road safety to children aged 2-7. Some great opportunities for education and childcare businesses.

Financial service businesses and professionals. Talk Money Week runs 9th November 2020 to 13th November 2020, run by the Money & Pensions Service.

Other wellness and health dates:

  • National Novel Writing Month (1st November 2020 to 29th November 2020)
  • Movember 2020 – Men’s Health Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, COPD Awareness Month (1st November 2020 to 29th November 2020)
  • International Stress Awareness week (2nd November 2020 to 6th November 2020)
  • Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 (11th November 2020 to 16th November 2020)
  • Sugar Awareness Week 2020 (11th November 2020 to 17th November 2020)
  • Anti-Bullying Week 2020 (11th November 2020 to 15th November 2020)
  • World Diabetes Day (14th November 2020)
  • Carers Rights Day (26th November 2020

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