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Power of the Podcast

Now, where do I begin? The first thing I should say is that I absolutely love podcasts. I worked in radio and television production for eight years but nothing has given me a buzz like podcasting.

There is literally something for everyone with podcasts, from business to comedy, true crime to parenting, coaching and relationships. They are so versatile, and you can create them very easily and fairly cheaply too.

Over the past few years, podcasts have become a fantastic marketing tool, and here’s why.

Podcasts are a fantastic way for business owners to talk about what they do in their own voice and really show off their experience and expertise. No one else can showcase your skills, knowledge and abilities as much as you can and creating a podcast is a brilliant way to demonstrate your authority in your chosen field.

You can talk directly to your audience. People listen to podcasts everywhere: in the bath, on the drive to work, while they’re making dinner, when they’re in the gym (did you know Olympic athlete Lizzy Yarnold listens to Answer Me This?), hell, I’m listening to one while I write this post!

You can be with your audience wherever they go, because podcasts are audio based so there is much more scope for your audience to hear your podcast while they’re going about their day, rather than, say, watch a video.

When you upload your podcast to the distribution platform, you can add CTAs in the show notes to encourage listeners to visit your website, email you, sign up to your mailing list, or follow you on Instagram.

This will boost engagement and when people contact you about your podcast you can read their messages on your next episode, therefore creating content, a win-win situation, if you ask me. You could even extend your business branding to your podcast, therefore increasing the reach of you and your brand.

It’s great to show up in new places and collaborate with other people in your industry, for example, you could invite them onto your podcast as an interview guest, or take part in an interview on their podcast. Podcasting can present networking opportunities for you to broaden your contacts list, you never know who you might meet along the way!

Podcasts also last forever, so you don’t necessarily need to create something new each week. You might decide you want to release seasonally (e.g. six episodes each quarter) and concentrate on one topic at a time, or you might do a set number of episodes and call it a day, or you might go all in and release weekly without taking a break. As long as your RSS feed is live, people can still find your podcast years after it has been released.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that podcasts are in their ascendancy and this is a great time to cash in on the momentum they’re building. If you would like any advice on setting up a podcast or just to chat about your favourites, you can follow me on Instagram: or email me [email protected]

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