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April Content Prompts

I’ve struggled with whether to share these this month, with the current state of COVID19 affairs. However – my message is clear (unlike certain zip wire fans) keep posting, keep posting quality content, don’t go radio silence as that could send the message to your audience that you’ve gone for good. With lots of business on hold, I’ve been getting lots of messages from those struggling with content ideas…so I hope you can find something useful in these prompts.

No kidding, April kicks off with fools (quite a few of those around at the moment), contains some notable religious dates, and is the UK’s National Pet Month. World Health Day will be held on 7th April 2020, this year’s theme is “giving people access to healthcare without the prospect of financial hardship”. Let’s hope those who aren’t fortunate to have our heroic NHS get the care they need in these difficult times.

World Immunisation Week starts on 20th April 2020 – we are in an uncertain period right now, try not to forget those jabs when things go back to normal.

When it’s done well, April Fools can be memorable, and something for everyone to engage with. During this period of #StayAtHome, why not add a little sunshine to the day by sharing a joke or something you find funny. Done with taste and class please!

Possibly not the best time to celebrate it, 3rd April is the international Walk To Work Day 2020. Why not share your favourite thing from your one form of exercise that day instead?

Books inspire, educate and encourage children to exercise their minds, and International Children’s Book Day falls on 2nd April 2020. Book, craft, and toy sellers might consider sharing book-related content. On the theme of books, don’t you wish you were on a remote island far, far away right now?! Robinson Crusoe was published on 25th April 1719.

Everyone has a favourite notebook, mine’s below. I am a stationery addict, especially notebooks, National Stationery Week (20th April 2020) makes me a bit giddy. Make your stationery related post with the hashtag #WritingMatters.

There’s lots to share on 23rd April 2020 especially for the bookworms. The anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare falls on the International English Language Day and its World Book Night. Fill your literary boots!

The first ever YouTube video, “Me At The Zoo“, was also uploaded on 23rd April 2005, making it an excellent day to share video content relating to your business.

There are lots religious days observed in April, Easter (10th-13th April), the first day of Passover (9th April), and the first day of Ramadan (24th April). It is also H.M. the Queen’s birthday on 21st April (her Official Birthday will be the second Saturday in June).

Other notable dates and weeks in April include:

  • National World Autism Awareness Day-2nd April 2020
  • Siblings Day – 10th April 2020
  • World Parkinson’s Day – 11th April 2020
  • MS Awareness Week – 20th April 2020
  • Allergy Awareness Week 20th April 2020.

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