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January Content Prompts

Consistency is key to many things. No point turning up at the start of a race in all new gear only to pull out before mile one. 2024 is not a sprint, just as 2023 was not. It might feel like we have to enter with a bang and crash, though if your small business aim is for a successful twelve months try not to exhaust everything in January. 

But January is an excellent time to start. The month is named after Janus, who in Roman mythology was the god of beginnings and transitions. So let’s resolve to be consistent with our social media during 2024.

Obviously there will be a lot of ‘new year new you’ offers from fitness and wellbeing businesses. Have you thought about your sales funnel? Check out my blog here, there’s four stages to a sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. Each one represents a prospective customer’s mindset. Understanding how a sales funnel works can help you find holes in your funnel, where you lose interest and potential customers drop out. 

Though maybe you are in need of inspiration to enrich your content. I always offer free spotlight calls which can go a long way to helping. All businesses need to have a good, consistent and regular social media presence. It can be hard when you try to beat the algorithm though post every 72 hours, make use of your insights and analytics, and never ‘post and pray’ – always have a plan.

In 2022 it was 629,000, in 2023 706,965, a phenomenal increase in participation. Veganuary returns and is growing in strength. Not everyone participating will stick to the challenge, though caterers and hospitality businesses can show evergreen content with their product offerings, recipes, and demonstrating good kitchen practice. 

January is also Walk Your Dog Month, a month-long event to encourage dog owners to make a commitment to walk their furry friends more often. Dog content, pet content, will always get lots of engagement.

Week One – 01/01/2024 to 07/01/2024

There’s a couple of Bank Holidays on 01/01/2024 (UK and Republic of Ireland) and 02/01/2024 (Scotland). Also, Global Family Day is 01/01/2024 and World Braille Day is 04/01/2024.

Twelfth Night comes on 05/01/2024. William Shakespeare allegedly wrote the romantic comedy Twelfth Night as entertainment to close the Christmas season, and it has a very memorable opening line: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

05/01/2024 is also the Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Sikh). Epiphany (Christian Western) is 06/01/2024, while Christmas (Christian Eastern) is celebrated on 07/01/2024

Week Two – 08/01/2024 to 14/01/2024

UNESCO World Logic Day will be 14/01/2024

Week Three – 15/01/2024 to 21/01/2024

Let’s get this out of the way. Blue Monday does not exist on 15/01/2024. It was set up as a PR stunt created by a travel agency to sell holidays. There is no research that suggests 15/01/2024 is the ‘most depressing day of the year,’ anyone who has experienced depression knows this is not the case. Do everyone a favour and post content that actually celebrates Mondays in January: longer days; post Christmas glow from seeing family and friends; looking forward to the whole year ahead.

What is real and will bring comfort to many, Winnie the Pooh Day snuggles up on 18/01/2024.

Week Four – 22/01/2024 to 28/01/2024

National Peanut Butter Day returns on 24/01/2024.

Burns Night will be celebrated on 25/01/2024. This will be a good prompt for businesses and organisations linked to Scotland, especially hospitality. 

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch will be flapping near you between 26/01/2024 and 28/01/2024.

National Storytelling Week returns for 2024 and runs 27/01/2024 to 04/02/2024. This is a good time to start thinking about telling your business story. I’ve written a few times about evergreen content and my story.

Holocaust Memorial Day will be commemorated in the UK on 27/10/2024, marking the liberation of the remaining inmates of Auschwitz.

Data Protection Day and Data Privacy Day both fall on 28/01/2024. Even though these come on a Sunday in 2024, it is always good to make sure you are up today with your data protection compliances. 

Week Five – 29/01/2024 to 04/02/2024

NSPCC Number Day will be 02/02/2024. World Cancer Day is 04/02/2024