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How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business

Everyone loves Pinterest, right? Brides use it for wedding day inspiration. Bloggers use it as a platform to bring traffic to their blog and showcase their services. Etsy sellers and other makers can also use it as a platform to drive traffic. Small businesses can also use it to drive huge amounts of traffic to their website. In fact, every business should use Pinterest. It isn’t just a place for recipes and wedding planning. Stop asking “how can I use Pinterest to promote my business?” and read on!

First of all, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine – think Google but with pretty pictures. It’s a place where users go to find solutions to problems or inspiration. Within your Pinterest account you have Boards, which are place holders where you collect Pins. These Pins are essentially online bookmarks which link back to your site or landing page. When a user searches Pinterest and sees all the Pins, they can either Save the Pin to their Boards or click the Pin to be taken to your website or landing page or wherever you set the link for that particular pin to be.

Pinners are actively searching for information, which means they’re great people to get your content in front of. With over 450+ million active monthly users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing platforms and is showing no signs of slowing down. 93% of pinners use Pinterest to research and plan a future purchase, and 40% of users have a household annual income of $100k. 95% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning smaller businesses have just as much chance of being seen on Pinterest as the multinational corporations.

The best thing about these numbers? You can access all those people for FREE.

How Can Pinterest Help My Business?

Pinterest is useful for the following:

  • Increasing web traffic
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Growing email lists

How Can I Use Pinterest to Grow My Business?

Pinterest is an underrated tool when it comes to business marketing. Remember that it’s a search engine? This means that users want to discover your content. They’re actively searching for the things you offer, whether this be a product you make or a service you offer.

Pinterest is at the top of your sales funnel or customer journey. Pinners in discovery mode, and may find your content when searching on Pinterest. They’re still cold leads when they find you on Pinterest however, as most won’t have come across your business before, so it’s essential that when they click through to your website you have a website that convinces them to take action. If your website isn’t up to scratch, you won’t get the conversions you want. Think of it like this:

  • Customer has a problem e.g. no time for social media content creation.
  • Customer heads over to Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Customer sees your pins advertising your social media content creation services.
  • Customer clicks through to your amazing website.
  • Your website guides them through the whole client journey, convincing them to take action and book your services.
  • Hear the kerching of a sale (in your head) and celebrate with a cup of tea! Happy days.

Pinterest can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site without the need for paid advertising.

Can I use Pinterest to Grow My Email List?

Absolutely yes! You can either direct people to a specific landing page to give away an opt-in freebie or direct them to your site and have a pop up collect email addresses. Create an amazing email nurture sequence and convert those addresses into clients.

One thing to remember about Pinterest is that it is not a social media platform. It’s not an instant success strategy as it takes time and consistency to grow your Pinterest account. It can take three to six months to see results depending on your business niche, but because of the nature of Pinterest there is a snowball effect. Your content can live on indefinitely on Pinterest, compared to an Instagram post that has a life of 24-48 hours and needs so much engagement to promote.

If you are reading all this and thinking “Pinterest sounds amazing for my business, but I have no clue where to start”, don’t worry. If Pinterest is overwhelming, check out Pinterest Management Services from Wildflower Pinterest Management. As your Pinterest Manager, I do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy the increased traffic to your website.

Get in touch if you’d like more information or to book!

Jo Robinson is the owner and chief tea drinker at Wildflower Pinterest Management. She loves to help fellow small business owners and bloggers harness the power of Pinterest, increasing web traffic and sales organically. Find out more information about using Pinterest to grow your business or pick up some handy Pinterest tips and tricks at