5 Tips for Perfect Proofreading

Rachel Forcella – Content Strategist writes immaculately, her content is one of my absolute favourites to read. She has very kindly agreed to share her 5 tips for perfect proofreading with us.  When it comes to creating copy […]

April Content Prompts

I’ve struggled with whether to share these this month, with the current state of COVID19 affairs. However – my message is clear (unlike certain zip wire fans) keep posting, keep posting quality content, don’t go […]

What is PR?

If you’re a business owner or a marketeer, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard the term ‘PR’. But do you know what it means and the various tools and tactics you can use within your […]

5 ways to be more consistent in your business

5 Ways to be More Consistent in Your Business Whether you like it or not, consistency is where the magic happens. If you want to reap rewards, make progress and really get results chances are […]

March Content Prompts

March Content Prompts Here’s some content prompts for March. There’s UK and international awarenessdays, and weeks, as well as other dates and events that may pass you by or need alittle preparation to maximise the […]

Never Underestimate Who has You in Their Sights

Never Underestimate Who Has You in Their Sights Does it ever feel like you are posting to tumbleweeds? Some of your posts just don’t get much engagement. We all have those posts, even when you […]

Why you need to post more photos of yourself!

It helps build brand recognition.The final piece of the puzzle is obviously getting that all important brand recognition.If you love female entrepreneurs as much as I do then you’ll notice that the people who do […]

Social Media Audit in 9 Easy Steps

Social Media Audit in 9 Easy Steps When did you last audit your social media? I mean really sit down and look atit as a whole? You should be doing this quarterly as an absolute […]

February Content Prompts

February Content Prompts Here’s some content prompts for February. Awareness days, weeks, months, as well as dates and events that may pass you by or you need to put some preparation in to maximise the […]