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I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories as part of National Storytelling Week. If you haven’t been keeping up over on my socials…here’s my story:

WHO? I’m Clare Clifford, Mum, Yorkshire lass, business owner, lover of shoes, expert in digital.

Mum of three children (spoiler alert – one of them is my why), one daft cat and hopefully one day – Mummy to a dog. I love coffee, Percy Pigs, gin, cheese and am obsessed with true crime. I believe passionately in supporting local businesses, I try and shop small as much as I can. Last year I used my skills to help business in my local community by setting up ‘Find it in Farsley‘ to showcase the fact that you really can find (just about) anything in Farsley.

There’s LOADS of digital experts out there, it’s a crowded market – so why choose me? Having spent almost two decades honing my skills, I am a true expert – I can get any business shining online. I offer all business owners a free spotlight call to help you get a step closer to finding your place in the sun.

WHAT? What exactly do I do? In a nutshell – I help businesses shine online. Getting your digital presence right will save you time and turn those posts into £’s. I’ll take the tech out of digital and talk in Plain English – I detest jargon!

There’s no cookie cutter downloads here – everything I do is bespoke, carefully tailored to your business needs.

What you can get from me without spending a penny – monthly content prompts straight in your inbox, a free digital audit as part of my Spotlight call, both can be signed up for over on my website. I also do regular freebie Zoom events and give loads of free advice on my socials.

Finally – if you are stuck, my inbox is always open and feel free to drop me your digital questions.

WHY? My why is Charlotte – my middle daughter who died suddenly at 7.5 month old on Father’s Day 2017.

I’d worked in digital marketing for over a decade before her death in both an employed and freelance capacity. I much preferred hiding behind a client than putting myself out there because I was scared I’d fail.

A couple of months after her death I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my rainbow boy, grieving and still trying to parent my then 5yo daughter – I was also absolutely on my knees financially. I was still breathing and getting up each day – but only just.

It couldn’t continue. Charlotte was my sunshine and it seemed wrong and unfair to her that her legacy would be to break me and spend the rest of my life in the dark. So… I set up Sunshine Digital Media, something to make her proud of her Mummy. Also, after losing a child the fear of starting a business that might fail was diluted somewhat in comparison. So I jumped in 3.5 years ago…

Thank you to everyone that supports me, I love my job and my business helped pull me out of an abyss of darkness. I like to think I’ve succeeded in my mission to make Charlotte proud of me, and spread some of her sunshine 🌻

WHERE? Where are you? What geographical area does your business serve?

Geographically – I’m a born and bred Yorkshire lass, not that I mention it much?! I was born in Huddersfield/Holmfirth, I even did the mic on ‘The Last of the Summer Wine’ tour bus for a while when I was at college.

I moved to the brighter lights of Leeds almost 20 years ago and haven’t looked back. Leeds has everything I could ever want – great bars, restaurants, shops, makers markets and the beautiful Yorkshire Dales all less than 20 minutes away from my home. It’s a city full of life, character, fun and inspiration – I’m proud to live here and bring my children up here. I really can’t wait for things to open again – safely.

I can and have worked all over the world (time difference/language allowing) via the power of Zoom. The same digital marketing principles apply globally with a few tweaks. Last week I worked with clients in Cornwall, Kent, Spain, Oxford and Yorkshire.

I love to support businesses that are local to me but my passion is supporting small and local business in general – wherever they might be. I am a small business, for now… it’s just me, a Virtual Assistant and Web Designer. I get how important every single pound you invest in your business is – I will always give you more bang for your buck and get you shining online.

WHEN? Sunshine Digital Media was founded in October 2017. By now you know why I took this step. Although we are a relatively new company, I have almost two decades of experience and I’ve seen all kinds of digital trends come and go – who remembers My Space?!

When do I provide digital marketing support? It sometimes feels like 24/7, in a digital world that never closes, it really could be. I do tend to work office hours (whatever they are anymore) but I can be flexible. I’ve got a Power Hour arranged at 8:30pm next week, because the client is homeschooling, I will always try and be as accommodating as possible.

I will also get back to you as soon as I can, but I do try to take weekends off. I do often fail… but I do really try, with scheduling tools and good planning, we should all be able to take 48 hours off!

HOW? How did I become a digital expert? Through spending two decades in my specialism working with businesses big and small across lots of sectors. This enables me to save your time and make you more money – I’ve already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

In very basic terms there’s two ways to work with me:
1️⃣ I teach you how to shine online.
2️⃣ I manage your digital marketing and you get your own digital expert behind the scenes of your business.

So… I hope you enjoyed ‘The Ballad of Clare Clifford’ which is your favourite part?

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