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February Content Prompts

Well… 2021 got off to a pretty rocky start didn’t it?! Anyone else have a huge wobble after Boris’s announcement of lockdown 3.0? I know I did, Dry January went out of the window, the mince pies came back out and I started eyeing up the Pooky’s Deli cheeseboards again while gazing regretfully at my beautiful red nails…with festive snowflakes all over them.

BUT – we have to keep posting! We HAVE to keep consistent, whether your business is open or closed, thriving or struggling – dig in, keep your presence. Digging in when it’s hard is often the key to success. If you need some motivation, please book in for a free call with me.

Following on from January’s content prompts, National Storytelling Week 2021 runs until 6th February 2021. All businesses have a story to tell, so tell it clearly, consistently, and often. What, where, when, who, why need sharing over and over again. Why not take this week to tell a part of your story every day?

The UK celebrates LGBT History Month 2021 starting 1st February. Let’s all share our support. Also starting on 1st February 2021 is Tinnitus Awareness Week (#TeaForTinnitus). Businesses linked to construction, workwear retailers and those that provide health and safety advice should use this as a good opportunity to show how to protect hearing. Hospitality businesses and entertainment venues might be closed at the moment though they may also have tips they can share – what I’d give to have the ears ringing after a gig right now!

Therapists and other businesses who work with children and families have an opportunity to talk about Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 from 1st February 2021. The theme this year is Express Yourself – it’s been a tough year for children, and we can’t underestimate the impact it’s had on them.

4th February 2021 is also Time To Talk Day to bring the UK together and break the silence around mental health problems. It has been a stressful and exceptional year, asking for help and talking is the hardest part – express your feelings no matter what you are feeling.

Gift and card retailers take note, Send A Card To A Friend Day will be 7th February 2021 (International). Are you carrying a new line of designs? Tell your customers about them. Education providers such as colleges and universities and recruitment agencies, 8th February 2021 is the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week.

Fashion retailers and makers have an opportunity to share their inspirations during four Fashion Weeks in February. New York Fashion week is 7th-15th February 2021, London will be 15th-19th February 2021, Milan begins 19th-25th February 2021, and they finish off in Paris between 25th February to 5th March 2021. While the shows might be different there will always be stylish clothes and keep your eyes on the trends – try and lure your customers out of lounge/activewear.

There’s a big day on 14th February 2021 and every business linked to gift giving will know about it. There is also Palentines… a favourite of mine – show your friends what they mean to you. Did you know that the 14th February is also International Book Giving Day? Book retailers and writers have an opportunity to share their love for their favourite text.

If your fur babies are the true loves of your life, International Love Your Pet Day 2021 will be 17th February 2021. One of my most successful posts of 2020 was a picture of my cat – I’m giving you a legit business reason to show off your pets – grab it!

Bakers, delis, caterers, International Real Bread Week starts 20th February 2021. Knead I say more, share a post and watch it rise – sorry

Other Awareness dates:

  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2021 starts 1st February 2021 with the hashtag #ItsNotOk
  • Chinese New Year will be on 12th February 2021
  • World Radio Day (International) is held on 13th February 2021
  • Parinirvana Day (Buddhist) is 15th February 2021
  • Shove Tuesday is 16th February 2021, with 16th February 2021 being Ash Wednesday/First Day of Lent (Christian)
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day is 17th February 2021
  • Purim (Jewish) will be 26th February 2021

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